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Friday, 7 June 2013

My peeps

I may not be Alice and I may not live in Wonderland, but my world is mine only and there is no hate, violence, discrimination, judgement in it. It's just Brigitte's world and it is full of good people. My peeps may be full of tattoos or piercing, may seem weirdos to others, but they make sense to me...and I make sense to them. My peeps are all sorts of colors and nationalities, men, women and children, young, old... My peeps are my peeps and nobody has the right to judge them! We see each other in gyms, we sweat together and there are so many belly laughings when they are around

There is that gorgeous girl, client of mine, young, beautiful soul, always perfectly dressed. Only my peeps know that she, the girlie, has so many tattoos that it would be impossible to really count them. They know it because they see her outside of the corporate world she lives in. They see her in the gym, where she is just an average girl with a young beautiful soul. Alice, sweetie, this is for you! :)

Then there is that old guy who could probably be my grandfather's age (if I would have any). I met him when I first arrived to New Zealand and I just signed my first contract with a huge gym. I used to talk with him a lot mostly  because I totally adored his 5 years old grandson. People were afraid of him and I never understood why nobody trains close to him.  I was told then that he was a gang member long time ago and he was lucky enough to escape. Actually, I wasn't told that! People only told me a name of a gang and I though "How cool! He is a former rocker", because I didn't know, and still don't know, anything about gangs. As I've already said, there is no such a thing in my world. Anyway, I still talk with that guy when I see him occasionally at the supermarket. Still with his grandson around. Just a few minutes ago, I've seen him in one of the local shops and he told me" You know blondie that you are the only one talking to me?". And, to be honest, I am quite proud of that! Bill, buddy, this is for you! :)

And there is John, the guy I used to train for more than a year, every Saturday at 2:00pm. Hard working athlete! I knew well his wife, great lady, his kids, amazing guys! One Saturday he was late for the session and I asked one of the ladies at the reception if she's seen John walking in the gym. I was quite shocked when she asked me "John, the black guy?". Nah, just John. But then, ten minutes later, when John finally arrived, I realized that John actually is a black guy from Jamaica. I never seen that. For me he was just a great athlete I trained. Again, because there is no skin color in my world! John, you taught me so much, thanks! :)

And then there is that Chinese guy, another amazing athlete I trained and prepared  for a comp. He didn't understand my accent, I didn't understood his. For the sake of the training, we both learned Chenglish. I don't remember him having too many friends around because he was different. Nobody knew that, because he had to provide for his kids, he had three jobs and he took over the fourth one only to be able to afford paying me. Jay, keep going, buddy! :)

There also is the amazing Gail. She is a client I see once a week. Super lady, hard worker, great mother, busy as, but she still finds the time to train and get to results that others can only dream about! She just got engaged and I was the first to know. What an honor really! Me, the blondie with an accent, who created a brand new world where all these people can fit in. These are my peeps, they and many others. Guys, it's never too late to live in a world like hate, no tantrums, no arguments, no fights. Just love really. I will always keep the door open, but once in, there is no escape. Just because I am a keeper! :)

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