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Monday, 3 June 2013

With the power invested in me....

So you want to lose some weight? Best thought ever; not just that you would look better, but just think about how your self confidence would increase. All good once the decision is taken. 

Let's just go together through your options. You could sign up at the local gym, spend there ridiculous amount of time, use the machines how you think they have to be used. You could even attend randomly fitness classes. And then wait for the results. You cannot imagine how many people I've seen, during the years as a Personal Trainer, working out hard with no results. Because of the disappointment, some of them ended on anti depressants, others in broken relationships. I am not saying here that people break up based on weight issues. I haven't. I am just saying that I've seen many people in their first day in the gym...and then one year later, noting changed. 

If exercise is not enough, you have another option: try a kind of diet you believe is the best in your case. You can even look it up on the Internet. There are so many there and, if you think that picking one that has a sophisticated name would help you, go ahead. More than welcome to try it out. You could even swallow some diet pills, fat burners or fat mobilizes or appetite suppressants, A year later, however, you could be back at the starting point; no weight shifted, no success celebration, lots of money flushed in the toilet. 

I always believed that when people are tricked into DIY fitness projects, they don't really know what they are jumping into. It is like taking some thousands from your account and throwing them in the rubbish. Same result really! On top of that, some painful injuries...and broken dreams.

People think they know how to lose weight. They also believe that what can it be so hard to lose some pounds here and there when you have a gym membership card in your wallet, plus you attend many fitness classes and cut a little bit on carbs and bubbly. Now, let me say it as it is: I don't chop my hair, I go to Jo, she's the best, she knows what I want, she has the experience and knowledge to make me look pretty....or prettier. I don't rub all sorts on my face pretending this is  a facial treatment. I go to Maria. She's the best in what she does and she will look after me. I don't chose what medication is right for me when I burn with fever. I go to Ingemar. He's my doc, he knows me.   Why on Earth I would go to the gym without using a trainer?

We, Personal Trainers, as I've said it so many times, sell you a dream and make it reality. Your reality. We are there for you at 5am and accommodate your workouts late nights or in the weekends, when others relax. We design an individual program just for you and show you what diet works for you best. We don't have an universal nutrition program, nor a fitness program that's good for everybody, woman, man, child. We can tell you how long it would take to achieve your goals and we are almost never wrong.I am a Personal Trainer;  I do the same. And, one day, not later than I decided with you that we will be working together, you would hear me saying "With the power invested in me, I pronounce you....slim and lean!". And then, I'll see you for coffees and chats! :)

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