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Sunday, 2 June 2013

Think kittens.....or puppies

What on earth can be harder than abs exercises? Nobody likes them, but everybody wants the six, or lately eight, pack. They are exhausting, boring and more than likely horrible!

When I was just a little girl, my coach taught me something I carried with me forever. He used to say that when life gets hard and you have no hope, it's better to visualize what you love more. Back in time, for me there were...kittens. When I was like a gladiator watched by the whole world and training got hard, when I was injured and nobody cared, kittens always saved me. Life around me just turned off and all I've seen were kittens, all sort of fluffy, curly, colorful kittens. 

My former coach, bless him, would be so proud knowing that I passed his advise to my clients and sometimes, during hard workouts, they make me laugh. When training gets taught, I just hear my clients saying "Think kittens"...and it seems that it works for them as well as it worked for me. 

People change and I've transformed a lot as well. Lately, kittens are not enough, so, puppies give me a better result. It comes with age, I guess, or maybe with wisdom! However, no matter what you visualize, that would take you out of the reality and push you harder. Please believe me when I say that it also works outside of fitness. When life make you crunch and taught times are the only ones you know, think kittens...or puppies

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