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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Sweat is fat crying

There is no more sophisticated runaway than the gym. Yes, it is. The rule is simple: the shortest the better! If you want to see what's new on the market, what's the year's most wore color or what's the way of showing more than enough, then you definitely should go to the gym. All the brands are in your face there! 

I remember one of my training buddies years back who was barely able to return the ball on the tennis court, but the tops and shorts and dresses she used to wear, my oh my,  would made the world's tennis champ red of envy. Another one, a guy I met more recently, absolutely adored brands. Not made in China ones! For him a Nike T-Shirt for example had to have imprint the name of the brand as visible as possible. And in as many colors as the rainbow. Otherwise how would you know it is a Nike shirt? I always hated advertising  sports gear for free. I still do and I still believe that the gym is a place where people should exercise, not make others feel underdressed. The rule is not complicated at all. You go in, do your workout and go home! 

Tattoos are personal; why show everybody who you once loved and broke your heart or what part of Europe you have visited as part of your OE? It's fine if you decided to have a belly button ring; why should the whole gym know you have one that  sparklier than your workout buddy's one? At the end of the day, you are there to burn fat and get fitter. 

Grand mania is so visible in the gyms today. These days people prefer posh gyms and posh workout clothes. Remember that big champions trained in garages with no air cond and no flash machines and they still made it to the top! And if I mentioned posh, another buddy thought that his sports knowledge would increase and his dignity and honesty restored if he builds the most expensive training studio. Skills and knowledge comes with hard work and morals develop in a lifetime. Like your clients results actually! 

So, let's just cut it straight: you can wear the most expensive sports clothes when you workout, you can put your flashes lippy on if you don't workout hard and sweat. Because at the end of the day, sweat is fat crying! This is something my clients know very well! Once again, I salute you, my clients, for working out with me for the sake of the hard work, focusing only on being better! You are my champs! :)

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