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Friday, 31 May 2013

Go hard or go home!

I never liked players. They lie, they cheat, they make things look worse than they really are. Even when they exercise. I may be a softy, but not when it's about my work! I wake up before 5am and keep going to late in the night . I love my job, but my house, my rules; nobody cheats on me in my studio! All my clients know how hard they had to work out with me. I may make it fun, I may laugh and joke a lot to help my clients forget for a second about the pressure of their workouts, but I ask for excellence. Because I give them excellence. 

I remember one of my dear friend who used to train with me a while back. Anytime I asked for a set of 12, he replied really serious "I am happy to do 5". Haha. Nobody decides what and how the workouts are because, behind the scene, I design every session according to the weak and strong points of my clients, based on their level of fitness, health and injury screening and focusing only on their goals. There is a science behind every workout; I don't just make it up on the spot. Same with my classes: I choreograph them and my clients know that every class is different, harder and harder in time. 

There is a written contract between me and my clients and an unwritten one as well. This one is based on the ethical code of my profession, but it also says that if you want to reach your goals you have to go hard or go home! There would never be half measures or cheating! During the years, I had clients who came to their sessions looking weird and, right after they entered the studio door, said that they "feel sluggish". So I sent them home because I knew that with that attitude there would be no achievement. I would never understand what sluggish means as well as "not to bad" is. Is it bad but not very bad or good but not so good? Anyway, this is just me. 

Thus, if you decide to change something in your life and you want to make it through fitness, go hard. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time. Put your heart where your mind is or vice versa and give it your best. Amaze yourself, make yourself proud of how committed you can be and just go for it! As said it so many times, but I will do it once again: my clients are my models, they inspire me, they are part of my life and they are really important. My clients are my champs! 

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