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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

I'll be your best friend!

A beginning of a relationship is like a miracle. Nobody sees it coming and definitely nobody knows where it goes. A client/ Personal Trainer relationship is no different. It is an honest  agreement between two individuals: one has to achieve and the other has to design the way to success. 

As a Personal Trainer, during the years, I have worked with many people. Hundreds, thousands? Much more! But any time I met and assessed a new client, I had the same butterflies in my stomach because I knew I would be hired by a human, a person who may have insecurities about their look, a person who has to achieve a goal and who doesn't know how to get there. And I also knew that it was my head in the smasher if my client would not reach success. I knew that this was a beginning of a relationship that in time would become pure friendship. I also knew that my client is scared, threatened by the thought of hard work or just embarrassed. Therefore, because I've been there more times than any of my clients, I told them all "I may not make sense to you now, but you'll see that I will become your best friend". All of my clients have heard the same thing and you know what? I became their best friend right after they reached their goals. In the same time, they became my best friends as well because they listened to what I've said during the long training hours, worked their buts off, achieved their goals and I was there to see them sweating, struggling, tearing, crying or laughing. We've been on the same path together! 

No champion is born. A champion is made through hard work, perseverance, commitment and desire to be the best you can be. If you are just starting a fitness program, a weight loss one or a conditioning one, just visualize yourself at your absolute peak. How much can you achieve? The world is not enough for how far you can go. The sky is the limit! Everybody started one day. This may be your day!

My clients are all champions. Gold medal, first class ones! My clients knew that I sold them a dream and I was able to make it reality. My clients live their dreams every day! So, hat off, for you, my clients. I admire you, I salute your achievements and I celebrate your success every second! 

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