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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Showing your bits off!

I own the shortest dresses ever. No secret here. Everybody knows that. Who says that there are indecent? Who knows what's decent and what's not anyway? Tankinis and knee length shorts (let's be specific here: shorts have to be short!) may work for some....not for me. Not that I am different, nor that I feel a continuous urge to play with your nerves. It's just the fact that I am me, I have my own style and, believe it or not, I am a decent person. So let's just make some light here. Decency has nothing to do with the length of your dresses, hair or beard. So, guys and garls, be who ever you are! Decency is however identified as a behavior and it's mostly a quality of a being. Phew, I feel relieved. I told you I am decent. Not everybody seems to be  though. Let me just exemplify.

So, lazy Sunday afternoon with my girlie Miriam. She, the other blondie, is very into IPhone apps. Not the ones I use though. She is hooked into Tinder. Apparently all youngsters are. I am sure you all know what Tinder is, but I have to prove that I know too. That would also prove that I am not that old...just yet! So Tinder is a app designed to match people, a kind of IPhone dating site....a very smart one by the way. Great concept behind the app, super graphics, easy to use. Now, Miriam, my girlie, affirms that every girl knows that the guys on Tinder are hotter than any other dudes on other dating site. She usually knows what she talks about, so I trust her.  She experimented and totally blogged about dating. You may even remember her blogs about every dating attempt possible. But I am a curious blondie. Always been that. And, as I know some things about other dating sites as well, I decided to go through what Tinder offers for Miriam's age. Great guys really...except that most of them uploaded photos of their naked bottoms. Some even have a front view of them holding their bits. There is nothing wrong with their butts. It's not that I don't like bottoms, but I cannot stop wondering why on earth would you have your genitals as a profile photo? Decent or indecent? Depends on your standards. I bet however that their asses would have more views than the average photos of...average guys. I am not so sure about how many dates these guys would get, but I bet on my life that they have fun. Lots of it... That won't bring them nice girls though! Decent girls have decent photos...even if they wear short dresses! 

So if you ever believe that my dresses may be indecent,...don't. They cover my bottom, thank you very much. I am decent, as I've told you. And even if I would never go so far as showing my bottom to the world, I still have fun. My style of fun. I told you that blondes have more fun. Their kind of fun, funnier than yours anyway! Have  a great week, guys! :)

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