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Friday, 27 September 2013

I dream dreams....

I am a dreamer. Please take this literally. I mean a dreamer that dreams all sorts of dreams. I go to bed with no desire to cross the lines. I get asleep in a second without any autohypnosis...then I start dreaming. All sorts, as I've already said. My dreams are real real as my blonde nature is. Dreams are just dreams, you may say. But no, mine are so special. By the way, my dad always knew I was special...blonde kind of special! So let's just go deeper and elaborate my latest dream. 

So here I was with Hendrix, my eight months old my dream of course...after being with him for real day and night for the last seven months. Hendrix was (in my dream...why do I have to repeat it?) such a good boy, listening to everything I said and following everything I asked him. Now, this was dream, you know that because Hendrix would never do what I want him to do. Hendrix is a free me. But wait! The dream seemed so real that when I woke up this morning even I believed it. So I looked at my dear boy happy that I was finally able to train him properly. But no! Hendrix was and still is just Hendrix, the naughtiest dog in the whole wide world. Why? Let me tell you why. The whole day I was home with my dogs. You know Max, my senior dog, then Hendrix and Neo, the new addition to the family. Max and Neo create no problems. They are old souls. Hendrix is....let me just soul? nah, just free spirit. A day by myself and for myself when I've done what I liked most: training, training and training. I almost and cooking, my most favorite things and I am not kidding. So, I'm a good girl.....Hendrix is not so good. I cleaned the house and was so happy to plan a pampering evening. You know....nails, face mask, foot spa...what blondes like more than their lives. Hendrix doesn't, so he made sure I noticed that he made a new hole in the spa lid. That's's just the third one. Then brought all sorts of weird pieces of wood on the deck...and made them finer that the finest powder. That's fine as well. I vacuumed already three times today; I can do it once again! Then chewed his food bowl. Fine again. He can use the other dogs' ones, which could create a fight between them, but Hendrix is a winner as you all know. Then opened my nail polish bottle. He could easily be a nail technician this one! Once again fine; he stained only the carpet on the deck....nothing else. And then he barked....the whole day...I mean, every second. I don't understand how my neighbors never complained. I would, but they don't. I believe that they must be deaf. I'm not!

 Anyway, it's almost 8pm and the day is nearly over....without any foot spa, face mask or pampering stuff. Hendrix made sure he had my full attention. Him and nobody else.  He was different in my dream. But let me tell you what. Perhaps tonight I will dream a different dream. One in which Hendrix is bad, real bad, not well trained...naughty as. Wait! This wouldn't be a dream.....this is my true life with my beloved Hendrix. So you tell me please. What should I then dream cos nothing seems to work? What about a dream about me responding to Hendrix as he does to me? Like chewing his bowl...and every cable in the house, breaking everything, barking back to him, destroying CD cases...all of them, running like crazy in the house...and the list is opened for everything. Nah, that would made two Hendrixes....and the truth is that Hendrix is only spirit! :)

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