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Monday, 23 September 2013


Sometimes I wonder how blonde is too blonde...but then I know the answer...never enough. A blondie is just a blondie, nothing more, nothing less. Now, you, guys, know my story. I am quite a smartie, talented and well skilled when it's about my job. I could be every client's dream trainer. I know my job by heart and I do it very well. I am passionate about what I do and I love learning. But when you mention my private life? Hmm,,, things may be quite different here. Please understand me when I'm saying that I'm not the only blonde alive....and I'm not that blonde either, but the stereotype requires me to be even more than I am. So I just want myself aligned and less visible. Wait. That's not right. I require attention, I stir emotions and I am super full on. Every real blonde is. Just remember Marilyn (what a blonde!); then Sharon (ahh, the bombe). Do you want more examples? I could start today and finish a week from now...without repeating myself! 

It's not that I like living to your expectations....I have to! Of course I have to! Sometimes however even I get tricked by myself. There is a whole theory behind it. You know what I'm talking about...that stuff about the subconscious  taking over the conscious. Still no clue? Never mind....The truth is that sometimes  I go really grand!!! Like today. I tried for the last few days to instal my Apple TV, that I've installed by the way long time ago....myself. As a real blonde, I forgot how I've done it in the past, so here I was, trying to find a meaning for a black square thingy, 2 cables and a tinny remote.  My girlies know how impatient I am...very, very. So I tried and tried, but the thingy still didn't work. So I got bored...still on the subject though. But then I noticed that the remote has no blue it had before. I know that for sure because I have a dress, a very special one, in that shade of blue. So no light means dead battery! What a shame. 

Remember I started by being a blonde, a natural one by the way? Now let me explain how blonde....How could I be something else when I listened to someone really special by the way who told me to heat the battery in the oven? Seriously? Bottom line..... the battery exploded! That's how blonde I am! But don't worry guys. That's who I am in my private life. I rock as a trainer! :

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