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Monday, 30 September 2013


I am a modern girlie. Just because I love fashion, it doesn't mean I am traditionalist. No way. New and me are like twins! I love technology and couldn't live without my gadgets. They are my best friends and I lean on them in bad and good times. My IPhone is wherever I am and I could never leave him a second behind....told you he is my best friend! I love beauty and for me Apple is beauty and perfection, so I have to have their latest of the latest. Nothing wrong with that. I am no high maintenance to anybody....just to myself and that doesn't really count! 

Anyway, as I've already said, I am a modern girlie and I don't want to miss on anything new! I can adapt to all sorts like a chameleon. I can even learn a few new words here and there. I have problems with abbreviations though and I kind of forget which means what.  Like LOL for example. There is no text from any of my girlies that doesn't finishes with a capital LOL. I still don't understand why I have to have laughters  (lots of them by the way) at the end of every text message, but if this is the trend, I'd go with it. Sorry, that's not quite right. My chicks finish their texts with CYA, which is nothing more that "See you", but I am sure you already know that. Wait. That's not right either. Before the good bys is 10Q. I bet you don't know this. Do you? That's fine then....just thank you! Just one second, please. That quite not true again. Before the thank yous are usually the 34U. Have you seen this before? Nothing else than "three words for you", which definitely means "I love you". Very simple! Oh dear, not sure that's right either, just because there is another one before, something like ?4U (question for you). 

Anyway, instead of going in circles, let me just copy you one of the texts messages I got recently. HiY, BHD 2DA. ?4U.R U F2T L8R? OMG I CN Val. AYKM? GW? L!.TL8R.10Y. 34U. Let me translate it before you get a headache. Hi you, Bad hair day today. I have a question for you. Are you free later? Oh my God, I've seen Val. Are you kidding me? Guess what? Lame! Talk later. Thank you. Love you". Do you think I'm making this up to entertain you? No way. I kept the message; actually I wouldn't delete it for the world! So just ask and I would take a nice little screenshot of it and gladly post it...for the posterity! 

I am a modern girlie...for the third time today. So, guys, you'll hear from me tomorrow. Until then XOXO and 34U and TYL8R....whatever....Have a great day! :)

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