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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Elegance is refusal

Lazy Sunday for me, guys, and I hope it's the same for you. Let's keep the laziness for longer and let's make an easy one today. I would start with with an affirmation: I am blonde, far too blonde sometimes! You see? I made it sound positive, because this is how I am. So, blonde or not, I have style. Always had it. It's not just the fancy clothes I wear. There is  so much more to it. Coco Chanel was my mentor since I was just a little girl. "Fashion changes, but style endures". Lady Chanel of course. I designed my style in years, I added what suited me and got rid of what wasn't me... just because I believed in what Anna Wintour, another mentor, said once "Create your own style..let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others". I am unique enough, thank you so very much!

I am a fitness person and what people expect to see is a funky woman, wearing sporty clothes. The thing is that tough and rough is not so much me. I am a different trainer, who wears beautiful clothes, and this is the statement I make and the trend I create! I feel comfortable in heels, as higher as possible; I own many (I mean, super many!) dresses, all one made. I never owned a PJ, I said it in another blog: I have nighties...beautiful ones by the way! I love fine nylons; I am a lace girl. I have one headband for each day of the year...unique ones, beautifully designed. You may believe that the trainer image doesn't match the one I am in my private life...but it does. I may look absurd to some, but just remember that even the absolute high fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld may agree with me. At least that's what he believes in; "Absurdity and anti- absurdity are the two poles of creative energy". Creativity? I don't need color; I am the color in my universe! I am a damn good trainer wearing fine things! I surround myself with materials that give me pleasure (no plastic in my world, guys!), smooth surfaces, perfectly rounded edges, gloss finishings. I bring together people who have their own style. They may look weird or just different, but they are stunning people, who know who they are....and you, guys, are some of them!

So, guys, you may believe that my thoughts today are addressed more to chicks rather than you....but this is not the case. Style defines us all! You have to be the color, fabric and smell you wear, the sounds you listen to, the images you look at! Forget about what's en vogue, what others try hard to identify with; forget about elegance. Adopt your own style. You don't need a fortune to have that! Good taste and style are forever! "Elegance is refusal"; Coco again! Have a fab lazy Sunday! :)

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