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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Thanks, blondie!

I'm like a German soldier on mission. Nobody gives me days off. Actually that's a lie. I had a Sunday off recently...after 920 days of work. Yes, I counted them; nothing wrong with that. Blondes always analyze things in their blonde heads. 

People love me, you know that. I'm not angry and I don't create arguments. Another lie. I do create them, but I don't respond well to loud voices just because I haven't figured out how to argue back. I will one day! So back to the love. Miriam loves me dearly I guess and, because she does, she really wants to show her love every single day. Like today when she broke my working cycle by offering me what nobody else did: a day off....not quite, but certainly a morning and a good afternoon to myself. I don't know what her plan really was, but it worked out beautifully. So she locked my studio, which is fine because we always close it....when we remember. Not with my keys inside though. Then she left to work. 

Remember that Miriam is blonde; not so blonde as I am, but still. Of course she's blonde; she's my daughter! We, natural blondies, do stuff and always have many as possible. All crap! So, on the phone, with a sweet voice, she advised me to break into my studio. Why would I do that? To call the locksmith later? I don't like the guy. He always hits on me. And, to be honest, I love my day off. So thanks a million, Miriam. You're the best. My clients as well because they all understood my panic when I called them today to cancel sessions...and classes....and bootcamps. On the bright side, at least I know what to do when I want another day off. So if I ever call you to cancel again, guys, it's because I locked my keys in my studio. On purpose. Simple as! Have a great day, guys! I know I am! :)

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