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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Happy, happy day

How much is too much when it’s about happiness? Never enough for me really; when have I ever been sad? I smiled even in the most terrifying moments of my life. That can make other people quite angry by the way!  “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be”. Another Abraham said that, and no, he’s not related to me unfortunately. Lincoln, of course. 

Today I am happier than ever. I have reasons and as usual I share them with you….I’m still keeping some for myself only to hold the mystery for longer. First of all, my dear girlie Rachel has got engaged to that awesome guy of hers. They complete each other. Wait a sec. Where have I heard that? I know…show me the money! So back to Rachel. She deserves to be happy, she’s been through a lot and she always me. Congrats, girlie, I’m sure you will be so happy. The guy is la crème de la creme!

But that’s not all. All my clients today were just perfect. They all had some goals to achieve by the end of this week and they all impressed me like none others. Easy training guys like them! Thanks for today, buddies, you made my day a breeze!

Then Hendrix, my puppy, again….and always. He survived another surgery and I now know that he’ll get well. It’s sad seeing him slow and sad. I prefer him chewing my whole house and destroying everything…but don’t worry, guys, very soon he’ll get back to his old habits. 

And one more reason of my happy clappy day…days? Today…I was able to avoid that idiot who stopped his car suddenly in the middle of an intersection. I thought the guy had a heart attack, but when I got closer I realized that it was a she, blonde, but not so blonde as me. She had a mascara rush and I can relate to that perfectly. A girl has to do what a girl has to do when the wind moves one little eyelash. They have to be perfect, don’t they? Well done blondie, for retouching your mascara in the intersection and super well done to me, blondie as well, for being able to avoid a crash. 

So, guys, still happy. You? I guess you are. Thanks again for your emails. I would just want to answer Craig from Seattle. Publicly. No, there is no way you can know more about me than I share in my blogs. End of story. Start, guys, preparing for the weekend. We are almost there! :)

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