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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Who are the real sexy ones?

Courage is a word very used these days. All the famous people have the courage to do least this is what media likes us to believe, while average people's only courage is to live. Politicians have the courage to tell us things understood only by them, starlets to unveil their average boring life in all sorts of reality shows, runaway models to starve themselves to death, some athletes to embrace cheating ways of winning by swallowing so called "supplements", others to push, pull or even bite their opponents in the same desire of getting a larger slice of fame. So lately I started wondering what is courage and who are  the real courageous peeps. It wasn't hard to find the answer by the way. I have to admit that for a few weeks I got  things all arsy-versy. But then a few days ago, suddenly I realised what courage means. 

Firstly, I remembered how dad used to tell me to always be courageous. What he meant, I guess, was to never be afraid of who or what I am. In other words to conquer the way. And that made me remember Conchita Wurst, or Tom Neuwirth if you would like. Now, in my humble opinion Tom is courageous and Conchita is extremly beautiful... and, let's admit it...even her way. Without being part of any minority, I got to the conclusion that sex appeal  is related somehow to courage. Courageous, confident people who are not afraid of being themselves are sexy. That confirms me at least why I am not attracted to any "glory of the day" somebody. Their so called beautiful image is mostly created by their agents, PRs and media of course. 

If courage would be based only on self confidence, everybody would want and get it. But it should be more than that, so I remembered....Conchita again. I am sure that my dad would have liked her and have had the answer in a sec, even if he never saw her, but unfortunately my dad is long time gone. However, my blonde brain needed more than a sec to reveal the kind of it. Courageous people are tolerant because one needs lots and lots of courage to chose to be tolerant nowadays. But some people do it and they are the absolute winners. A whole list of amazing beings, starting with Gandhi, can prove it. I am far of being like them and I still have lots of tolerance lessons to learn. However, I remember the day I left the country I was raised in for a different future in a land I knew nothing about. A buddy of my friend told me just a second before the take off that I was very courageous to leave behind what I was comfortable with for who knows what I was going to find ahead. That made me melancholic back then. Now, I realise that I wasn't the courageous one. My friend's buddy was. He had the courage to never change. He also had the courage to stay intolerant his whole life...but this is another story that I may share another time. 

Anyway, there may be many things that distinguish a courageous person from a coward one. For me though tolerance and confidence are more than enough. That doesn't mean that I got them both. Work in progress. I however got to the realisation that the only beautiful people I ever met are the ones who know who they are, are comfortable with themselves, admit differences and don't judge them. I hope I will get to that point myself...someday! And that day I will be smoking hot like a pistol! Good on you, Conchita for staying true to yourself! 

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