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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

I have over 100kg of gold!

I am sure I'm not the only one who wondered about the meaning and purpose of our lives. Where did we come from and mostly where are we hitting to? Some may think they found the answer. Maybe they did. It may be something related to achieving as much as possible, storing pieces of papers called money in deposits that, let's be honest, make the banks even richer than them. Or perhaps getting the fame and success they believe they deserve. Or, why not, having the fun of their lives...this life. Others, more spiritual, may relate their destinies to oneness, goodness...or other esses. They may be right too. Maybe, just maybe, serving the right divinity (which is quite hard to decide on) would bring them to accomplishing their destinies....or free will.  Very controversial, by the way.  I am too small in regards to the whole Universe to have the right answer. At least not one that would suit everybody. I am too insignificant to work it all out. But, once in this life, I am decided to let my guard down and be who I am, which may be far from the blondie you know. 

My whole life I tried to find answers to every existential question. I've been through philosophy and adored the way thinkers think. The real ones at least. Like Aristotle who believed that happiness is the only purpose of life...belief shared by Dalai Lama by the way. Schopenhauer thought suffering is the goal; for Freud that sex was the answer, Heidegger debated that true time is four dimensional and destiny may be clearly seeing the dimension we cannot as average human beings; Kant decided that everything is fate.  As a stubborn creature, I experimented all their theories. I've been through religion and I am sure I wasn't the only one. Spirituality appealed to me as it did to many others. I believed in the unbelievable and still do somehow. I was rich, successful and proud. I needed no  peeps and I was more than enough for myself. Was I happier than when I was poor, average, humble and hungry for somebody's, I mean anybody's, smile? Being wiser now than yesterday, I have admit that none of these are part of my destiny. I had different priorities for different stages in my life. Some people focus on complaining. Like my neighbour who still believes that he can change Hendrix from a devil to a saint...with the help of the animal officer. No way! Or that lady who said some things over 40 years ago believing that she can rule my life. No again! I decided on my destiny long time ago and living someone else's life wasn't part of it! People prioritise according to their moods, desires, dreams, age, relationships. Actually we may think that some things are more important than others according to our own personality. No zodiac involved though! 

 However, the answer to what is my purpose in life was always in me. Sophocles was right when he said "Look and you will find it - what is unsought will go undetectedI"  For me, happiness is what I leave behind....and that is my purpose in life. A life of purpose. If there is only one life as per some believers or a succession of livings as per others, doesn't matter. I kind of accomplished what I was meant to. I passed the best of me to my two children. They are the adults I wouldn't been able to be. Two open books who can make a difference to this world. Work in progress, still writing their purpose in life based on the hypothesis passed from me to them. I measure their weight in gold and I have over 100kg of gold in my virtual bank...the only one that matters. 

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