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Monday, 7 July 2014

Treats for the love of my life

I believe in miracles and in all sorts of spooky things others wouldn't bother  even considering. I believe that people have the power to change and the world could become a better place, which through my blondness eyes looks like Alice's wonderland. No, I'm not an incurable naive. I know by now that Easter bunny is a fake while unicorns are real...or the other way around? Anyway, the fact is that I still believe in miracles....and Hendrix is one of them. And just to prove that I am right, I decided to take him to training school. Not quite...just to doggy obedience course. But, once in my life, I wanted to make it right, so I even paid for a One-on-One session before the course starts. Here is the story.

As naughty as Hendrix is, I dearly love him. Some of my neighbours not so much though. The animal officer from the local Council turning up to my door proves that. My neighbours may be stubborn, but wait to see me. I am Miss Stubbornness herself. I could win the Nobel Prize for stubbornness if somebody would invent it! I may lost some battles here and there, but I always won the deciding war. Hendrix is the love of my life, a huge 15 months old Labrador- Ridgeback cross, black from head to toes, naughty and demanding.  And a little bit special. Just like me! With this thought in my mind I drove Hendrix to his private lesson with a real dog whisperer. Not because I thought she, the trainer, can do miracles in 60 minutes (I tried for 15 months and nothing happened!) or because I had too much money floating around. Just because the obedience course starts next week and I don't want Hendrix to be "Student of the day" on his first day at doggy school. Plus I hate people rolling their eyes when he does only what he wants. 

The lady was very friendly. And patient! She had bags of treats for Hendrix that proves that she read carefully the email I sent her about the Prince of Darkness and his very special behaviour. She certainly did that because she even brought some extra leashes.... in case Hendrix decided to take off. Which he didn't by the day because he loves his food and treats are his favourites. They work like this: Hendrix does what he wants and I reward him for...what for by the way? But the lady knew her job very well and, as I've said, she was patient...extremely patient. While she taught my puppy stuff that he knows anyway but he doesn't want to do, the whisperer's two gorgeous Border Collies sat nicely in her car...with all the doors opened. No running away, which made me jealous. Even Hendrix noticed their good behaviour and, just to prove it, he threw a tantrum...Hendrix style, with yelling and barking and rolling on the grass while pulling my shoulder out of the socket. Thank God, my dear baby got bored fast and, when he noticed that the treats stopped coming, had to give up. I told you that my baby Hendrix loves his food!

By the end of the session, Hendrix learnt a lot. He now knows that he can get lots and lots of treats, not for good behaviour,...just because he is mine! I am relieved and ready to start the 8 week obedience course. No fears anymore.  Hendrix will not be the worse dog enrolled in a good behaviour course. I will make sure of that. I have books and a special folder from my dog whisperer, a very fancy leash and....treats! Heaps of them! Plus there are 6 more days left until the course starts, so I can practice. No, not the training! Just how fast I would be able to deliver treats. As faster as better I guess, because, with his mouth full, my naughty puppy cannot make those funny sounds he usually does ... more like ultrasounds really! 

On a brighter note, the lady is the best dog trainer I have ever met. And I've seen a few! She is my hope in a miracle. Hendrix the miracle! And if I have no clue how much Hendrix will enjoy the course, I know for sure what I am going to wear during the sessions. That baggy jacket with enormous pockets! You don't imagine how many treats I can hide in them! :)

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