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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Sexual offended

I said in one of my previous blogs that I own 100 dresses. I lied and I'm sorry. The truth is that I have in my wardrobe over 200...or even more. So I lied and this is because I didn't want to offend people. Not that people should be offended because I am able to have a different look every day. Fashion is my thing....nothing wrong with that. Coco Chanel once said that " a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous". Like my friend. She is young, beautiful and...blonde. And no, I won't give you her name, but I am more than happy share her story. 

My friend I was telling about works for a fun company, based in the city. Fab work environment, young team, just an amazing job. So she dresses funky and everything she wears suits her. She has style, my chick! Last week, after a girlie catch up, she decided to stay over and borrowed one of my dresses for work. Of course that after a quick look in my wardrobe, she chose a little black designer dress I bought in the UK. Don't even ask how hard it was to get it! The dress looked amazing on her, I thought. But no, not everybody had the same opinion. My girlie was called in the HR office, where a woman, looking more like a man by the way, let her know that she got a complaint about the way she looked. Apparently the dress offended a misterious mid age man from another office. She was also told that the building accommodates several companies and that there was a dress code in place for the whole building, no matter what the companies allowed their employees to wear. On top of that, the manly HR woman told my little friend that this time she was willing to kind of forget the incident, but next time....

Now let's set the things straight because enough is just enough. This is my that I really like. Then, it is a true designer dress called "the little black office dress". Hello! The designer created this dress (I paid a bucket of coins for) ...for an office. I won't mention the designer's name because I don't want him to be offended by the small brain and bad taste of a HR person. But that's not all. The dress is not indecent. At all! But even if it was, I am just wondering why on earth a man should be offended by what a stranger woman may wear. And is that man paid to notice who's wearing what or to do a job? Also is it so easy to place a complaint? Is there no rule of what  one can complain about? Because if there is not, every bored person or why not every perv can complain about and against what every woman wears. 

I haven't met the rude HR woman who made my friend cry. But if I've met her, I would ask her what was the complainer offended by? Cause if the nature is sexual, then my friend should be offended as well. You would be too knowing that there is a perve watching what you wear and what does your dress cover and what not. So, Madame (yes, the "e" at the end is intentional), your role is to be neutral. You're not a lawyer, nor a  judge and you shouldn't take a complaint before checking it is has a real base. Cos it didn't even if you don't know that! You cannot comprehend that by the way because tasteless clothing offends people in style and stylish clothes offends idiots. And you're a woman too and you should know that women fought and died for us, 21st Century's ladies, to have the freedom to wear all sorts. And just because you have no style it doesn't mean that others should follow you. Women like you stop young girls to express themselves through what they wear. Their style is their fingerprint and nobody should stay between them and their desire to be different.  You should know that cos you are a woman too and you've been a young girl at some stage....even if you forgot about that!

I have a word or two for the complainer too. Dude, get a life...and a job that doesn't allow you to look at young girls' dresses. One that keeps you occupied with serious things. And next time you are about to complain remember that woman are not toys...anymore. Thank God! Also remember how small you are! :)

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