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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Angels all around

Lately I Lately I see repeating numbers. Not dead people, no. Just numbers. Anytime I look at the clock, is 11:11. Sometimes 2:22...or 3:33 or even 4:44. Never 5:55 because at that time I have something better to do than checking the time. Like cooking dinner...or enjoying the end of the style! Anyway, I am not the one who let things go, so I decided to solve the mystery. My options are booking a clairvoyant, who may cost me some money I don't want to spend, or puting together the pieces. Myself! That would give me something to do and make me be less common...which I am anyway. So, Google is the answer. As usual... 254 websites debating the repeating numbers enigma. Apparently people like me (bored or just blonde) complain about the same annoying numbers. Depending on the website's author the numbers are signs from angels or guide souls or supernatural mystic/ occult creatures. All masters of white magic, no doubt. I went through every possible explanations, but nothing appeared as being my final and supreme answer.  I had time to google through and about because today I was home alone. Don't you love those days when the only person you have to take care of is you?  So I googled...and googled. Then something caught my attention and even obsessed me for an hour or so. A smart person behind one of those cleaver websites believes that seeing repeating numbers is a sign that one is connected to the global reality. Finally I belong to the amazing greatness Universe... somehow...That makes me so proud which definitely increases my self esteem by 100%. Or even more. 

Now, let me tell you how connected to the reality I really am. So aware of what's around me that I locked my door and realised a fraction of a second later that my keys are on the bench top. I even seen them  through the window. I tried asking Hendrix, my dear puppy, to bring them to me, but he didn't hear me...or at least that's how he looked. So, in the awareness spirit, I climbed the bathroom window, that would let a child fit through...not me. Lucky I am stubborn and I was able, after a few attempts. to get in the house....on a thief entry style. 

In the spirit of the same connectivity, I forgot in the shop the purseI just bought. I may be blonde, but I have style. Believe me. A girlie red purse I love to bits. You would as well! Am I so blonde? Apparently I am. My luck was that that lady behind the counter was not and she kept the purse until the blondie me came back to pick it up. So I have it. Lucky me!

Then, surrounded by the reality that I am connected to, according to the famous website, I decided to apply a nice nail polish. One that would work with the holiday spirit I am in. But it didn't. I am not a gold girl (nail polish removal worked just fine!), nor a silver one (nail polish removal was my salvation again!). Back on the subject (awareness of course!), I chose the right, no question here! 

With the nails just painted according to my standards, I locked the suitcase I just filled in with items I cannot live without in my holiday...that starts tomorrow, guys. Yay. Now, wait a sec. I locked it as locked without any chance of opening it. I forgot the combination. Not my fault. Just me and my stupid blonde brain! So, I reconnected to the reality and for more than an hour I stayed put...and connected. Just while I tried and tried every combination possible. I got it finally because my angels helped. That's what another website says. Angels all around you, all willing to help if you allowed them to. And I did.

Now, I am not going further with how I spent my only day when I was home alone. Nothing I planed happened. But no worries. I am connected to the Universe and the reality I live in. I way!

Have a great weekend, guys. I am just about to start my holiday...on an island, coconut trees all around, pools and waves, saunas and spas...and fun. Lots of it! And please don't google website after website if you see repeating numbers. Just ask me. I know what it means. Nothing really! :)

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