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Friday, 10 January 2014

Portret of a scammer

When I was a little girl, I used to pray every day for friends. I wanted as many as possible. Then I realised that there are friends....and friends. The second I heard about Picasso,  I changed my prayer. If he asked for a museum to fill it with his paintings, I begged for a long life to fill it with amazing people. I was blessed so far, I have to admit it. I had good peeps around, who made my heart singing. And I had sneaky ones too. Some of them evaporated like they never existed, leaving behind a not so nice smell. Others lingered around for far too long. Those are my 2014 challenge!  

So, 2014 is the year when I'd make sure that I'd worship what's good in my life and get rid of what's rotten. It is about the time for a change, isn't it? Even a blondie like me knows that nothing is official unless is public...on Facebook. So let's start with Facebook. I am not too worried about the number of people I may be in contact with everyday. My target is...dodgy people with bad influences on my wellbeing. Like that guy who sent me a personal message in my "Other" folder. I never met the guy before, I never checked my other folder and I never knew that there is a folder called "Other". But there is one and all the society junk is stored there. Anyway, back to the guy. He founds me hot. Nothing wrong with that. It's just the fact that I am not interested in you, dude, who ever you may be. Nor in the other the same other folder...who hoped that I had a great day so far. It's really comforting knowing that somebody cares about my day...not so much. What about the guy who, without any introduction, wants to meet me? ASAP like the world would end today... Not likely though! Wait. There is another lad. Let me quote this one. "You are so beautiful, dear. I want to marry you. Add me as a friend". No way, Facebook fellow, no way! I have my future plans and you are not part of them! I have to admit that the sweetest message came from a somebody who says he loves me and wants to know if I could possibly love him back. Maternal love, mate, cos you look half my ages. What about if I nicely block you all...without opening other messages in my weird folder called "Others"? Just like that. 

With that done, I moved to Skills Pages. Two guys wanted to add me to their network. What network are we talking about cos I have no clue? You have no businesses and I don't even understand what on earth are you doing on a skills website...when you have no skills. Then there is a personal message from a guy who I may have added by mistake in the past to my network. He passes me his phone number, urging me to give him a call because he has something important to share with me. Important and confidential. Why would I do that and who are you by the way? Wait, I know. Just another guy I am blocking. Right now. 

I don't even bother with Twitter. I cannot stop peeps following me there, but I can unfollow a few. Which I'd gladly do. What can I do about that dude on Linkedin who heck knows why messages me on this social network. He wants to know more about me...on Skype. He even decided that I am the one. The one who reports him for sure. With that done, I opened another message from a decent man (his words, not mine), widowed and single father of 2 little girls. Wait a second! If I check back, all the guys on Linkedin who sent me love messages lost their wives of cancer and all have one or even two little girlies who need a mother. Look into Mother Earth, guys, she may be a better one than me. All I can do is get rid of you by deleting you from my network. Done. I feel happier know. 

I have a few words from my blog followers as well. I mean the dodgy ones, not the honest readers. With these is another story. I can check the country they  wrote me from. No, not the one they say they live in...the real one. Let me quote one dude. "My ballerina, allow me to know you better". Now, let's set things straight. First of all I am not yours. Never been, never will be. Secondly, I am not a ballerina and lastly it takes two for a relationship....which I am not willing to be part of. Same for you, who ever you were, who emailed me "meet me over dinner". How can I? You say you are in Australia...but you live in Nigeria. For real. Then , I wouldn't meet you for the world. I meet who ever I want to and you are not part of my wishing list. Nobody is, by the way! So email address blocked, sorry dude! 

Now, who are all these guys and what do they want? Most of them scammers. They don't just want to steal our, poor blondes', time, feelings and dreams. They look at the bigger picture. Their focus is on our money. What money really? Their messages seem written by the same hand. Like a set up script. Their photos are great and that makes them even more doubtful. They all look like movie stars, they all kind of were born in the States even if they live somewhere else at the moment. And they all "dear" us, girlies. Wake up, guys. Nobody "dears" these days anymore! Some have lost their wives and their tragedies bring tears to our eyes; others have been cheated on by their exes and are single dads. Poor them... Until I don't forget. They are all engineers with a technical Bachelor under their pillows. They all look successful. Now let me tell you something, "dears". Not every engineer is God's greatest gift. I met some assholes! Also success doesn't mean wealth and beauty comes from inside. I am not impressed by your airbrushed photos, nor by your technical background. I have a hammer myself and I sort of know how to use it. But I have a special message for any blondies around reading my blog today. You and I know that we, blondes, may have dumb smiles, but we are quite sharp minded. Legally blonde proved it! Don't get in love with jerks. And I am not talking here about internet scammers. Just jerks in general. You deserve better. Nature blessed you with blonde hair. Get the right guys. I did! :)

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