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Saturday, 22 June 2013

LeBron, Federer and my green heart

I am so happy today! I have my reasons.  Miami Heat is on top again and LeBron James at his peak.  Then Wimbledon starts on Monday and the Fed is still on!  Guys don’t keep me waiting too long; put the ladies and gents drawn live! Then my puppy Hendrix chewed only my electric blanket’s cable. Not the whole blanket. After he practically chewed and swallowed my house keys. Not all of them, only two…  What an improvement!  Also, yesterday, for the first time in years, I finished work at 5:45pm, so my weekend really started at a normal hour. On top of everything, Apple released IRadio (yay!)… with an oops…available only in US….hello, I am in New Zealand. Thanks Apple, great work. It seems that I’ll be Pandora’s client long time from now on!

But, wait. I haven’t finished just yet. I went out to buy coffee and I bought myself the most amazing pendant. I couldn’t resist. A green heart, the greenest one. It’s probably nothing for you, but it means the world to me…not because it is so superb. Just because I don’t shop…. in shops.  I hate shopping.  There are those two companies in UK I buy everything from. Great one made girlie things! 

So I am practically in heaven today and I will have a great weekend with only a Pump class on.  Something is missing? Yep, but it may worth the waiting…
 Have a great weekend, guys! :)

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