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Friday, 3 October 2014

Focus on the present

There was a time when I used to cross chats with other bloggers. I don't anymore. It's not that I got lazier. It's just the fact that I spread my wings and enjoy exploring. However, Miriam's blog "The wise stranger" inspired me. She talks about people who imprint our existence without even knowing it. There were a few in my life. Now let's clarify something from the beginning. I don't live in the past, nor in the future. I m a kind of "now" chick. Our past is always  full of guilt and regrets. Even the nice memories are symbiosis of memorable and regrets. 
What if" Is a question that popes out anytime one remembers a great memory. On the other hand, our future is a synergy of hopes and ambitions. In a word, selfishness. So, as I've said, I am not a regretefull selfish human. Not that I wouldn't like to be one sometimes. It's just too complicated for my blondness. Therefore, I choose to live in the present...the one that is less surprising than yesterday and more secure than tomorrow. This may sound complicated for you, I know, but it's crystal clear for me.

I can ignore as much as I want the past and the future and keep tight on the present, but I have to agree with  Heidegger that there is another stage to our humanity, the spiritual level. "True time is four dimensional", well said Heidegger. And no...he is not related to any MTV stars. So, in my "now" existence I tend to be as spiritual as I can, not denying things I don't understand because my imagination is too narrow sometimes. Because "reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one". No, I didn't made this up. Einstein did and don't try to debate it because he was much smarter than us all....together. So I let illusions follow me around and create what they are supposed to: a bundle of more illusions. Interpreting them belongs to my spiritual present and has nothing to do with my past. "There are no facts, only interpretations", said Nietzsche. Right again. Therefore, I totally adore the fact that "here and now" is something I decide on, because I create my own reality. I surround myself with people I can learn from, I can lean on and I can care about. I do actions that can influence my loved ones and can be a stepping stone for people who know me or are willing to take the time of knowing me. I love my present because is virtualy real and surreally virtual. I love the fact I can model it according to my wishes and my dreams.  How can I not agree with Democritus who said"nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion". I would even take my hat off to that...if I would wear one. But I don't.

I also know what I don't want to know in my "now" existence.  Surprises, good or bad, and the way they "surprise" me. Another complicated one, isn't it? And I utterly don't want that moment before a surprise would enter in my life...and yours too. But if you are not sure what I mean, I would just remind you the truth about the jack-in-the-box confessions. When everything goes smooth and no waves seem to disturb our oceans, somebody has to confess something that turns our lives upside down. I had some jack-in-the box events in my past...but once again I am true to myself and tend to ignore them whilst focusing on my present. I am also decided to don't accept lies, white or black, and the complicated web-cobs they could  create....and violence...and discrimination... and intolerance. I still believe that we are gods in our way, who are perfectly able to stand up to be counted.

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