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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Atributes of a perfect woman

If I'd have to put my whole existence in a sentence that would definitely be "knowing myself". I have  borrowed "knothi seauton" from Socrates...who forgot to perform a Google plagiat check before he attributed to himself something that was already on the frontispiece of the ApolloTemple in Delphi. It was simple for him, I guess, because not many people were able to read those days. So I am in a process of understanding who I am, what makes me happy and how individual my dreams, goals, desires and feelings are. And because this can be quite a boring process, my mind constantly goes places, as it usually does. Apparently a person thinks around 60,000 thoughts a day. Imagine what an amalgam of energies, positive and negative, my blonde brain is able to release! So, forgetting about myself for about 30,000 thoughts, I decide to use the rest in defining any difference between women and men. To be honest, I was interested only in the way I could think like a man while acting like a woman. That would make me the perfect woman, one desired by every male on this planet. 

Taking into consideration my life experiences, I realised that I was more successful, loved and adored even, when I was acting silly. So my first conclusion is that being blonde and acting dumb are very strong weapons in a woman's existence. She may get what ever she wants if she plays dumb. A man's achievements though are effects of him acting smart. I also realised that "lovely" is still a strong word used to define women. Just remember the last party you have attended. No matter how loud the music was, once a man started talking, people turned to him and listened. Like he had something exciting and life changing to say after a few drinks... Bollocks really...but people listened and looked at the man who got up to speak. A minute later, she, the girlie, had something to say. People turned to her of corse without getting a word of what she said. But they looked and, if they liked what they seen, they listened. If not...bad luck. Attractive or not, women like words and the way they resonate. To be perfectly honest, women would do everything for the right words. Isn't it true that men like to be loved and women like to be told? 

I don't want to change your mood, ladies, but look still counts...a lot. And even better iif the pretty little face goes along with a blonde little brain.  But that's not all. If you really want to be a perfect woman, learn from men. They are the best teachers! Don't be defensive though, because only liars are defensive and you're not a man. Don't stare at their certain body parts, cos this is men' fundamental right and duty too. You just, as I've said, act surprised (little heart lips would help) and dumb. Men love to be in control, so don't take that feeling away from them. And talking about men, remember that they are creatures of extremes. They would want you to be Mother Theresa during the day and sluts when the night comes; supermodels when accompanying them to an event and humble underdressed when accompany others; female versions of Gordon Ramsey when cooking their dinner and geishas while they have it; pedantic when hanging their clothes in the wardrobe and furious when you throw yours on the floor;  perfect party organisers for their work mates and bosses and naive drunks when attending other parties. 

Now, you would want to know why I am not the only perfect chick if I figured out how would I be able to become one. So simple really. I don't follow all the blonde- confused thoughts that cross my mind. I am smarter that that. I know by now that there is no such thing as a perfect woman.  I also know that all the make up  and all the designer dresses in the world worth nothing without style and class. And that's not for sale. It is transmitted in a girlie's genes...or not. I am also guilty of loving to think and judging for myself what's good and what's not. And talking about guilt, I am aware that a woman is guilty only of the things she did not I have some catching up to do! :)
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