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Thursday, 28 November 2013

How to catch the perfect guy

What do men talk about when they have a men cave day? I have no idea really, but I know what chick do chat about. Men! And when I mean men, it's all about men from A to Z. I know that because that's what my girlies talk about when we have a cool, relaxing, girlie day. Like today. 

So here I was with my fav girlie in the whole wide world, Miriam, having the best day ever. You know what I mean, don't you? A little bit of shopping, a coffee here, a chat there... all sorts really, just analysing our lives, what 's good and what's bad, what's too much and what's missing. My problems? No problems, by the way, which is good. Hers? Nothing whatsoever. But we know other girlies that suffer, so why not making a whole dissection of their issues. Men, that's their main concern if you don't know it already. Actually lack of men! So where can you find a great guy when you don't have any in your life? Sport fields? Wrong! Those guys are too preoccupied with sweating and playing the ball that they wouldn't even notice your perfect eyeshadow...nor your desperation! In clubs and pubs? Wrong again! Those duds are too drunk to perform later on. At your uni maybe? Nope for the third time! You don't need a nerd, chicks! So where? On one of the dating sites? Seriously? Small chance again, because most of the chaps are in multiple relationships already. I heard stories...Where again then? 

Miriam and I scraped the subject for quite a while. Then Edison's bulb lightened up suddenly. Remember that we are both blondes, I mean super blondes, and we, blondies always have an answer for absolutely everything. How to catch a great guy?  Simple. Go to Pak'nSave. Now wait. There is a catch here. You want a sporty, relaxed guy? Pak'nSave Mangere is the answer. All the muscle definition is there, starting with a smooth quad and finishing with a strong biceps. You want a surfer? Go to Pak'nSave Silverdale around 2ish in the afternoon. The guys are there in between two waves. If you want a classy one, you would have to drive to Pak'nSave CBD...but not before 7pm.  You want a corporate one, don't you? Black tie guys finish sorting out their emails, stock taking and phone callings around So please chose carefully which of the locations works better for you. Once there, look around. Have you seen him? Fine. Firstly check if your makeup is perfect. Then go closer and have a look at what he has in his trolley. Remember that a guy who buys tampons is definitely in a relationship. Not so sure though about a dude who buys condoms. He may be or may want to be in a sort of connection with another girlie. So none of those are your catch. The guy you are looking for has in his trolley steak, peas, bacon, maybe beans and wine for sure. This is your prince, sweeties, so be ready to approach him. You know how to do it. Big eyes, duck lips and a little bit of surprise on your face. "Wow, you like peas too!!!! How do you cook it?", would do it. Then listen to whatever stupid recipe he gives you...and remember that peas are peas and there  are not many options other than heating it up somehow. And wait...and wait even more... until he offers to cook himself the stupid peas...for you only...tonight. You see? Easy. You can have the man of your dream in just a few moves. 

So girlies, don't wander around too much; no need to make a profile on a dating website...or to wait until your buddies hook you up on a blind date with a ridiculous guy. Just go to Pak'nSave. Remember that location is the key. Now, if you are a guy and want to meet the princess you can take home to your mama...go to Pak'nSave too. Throw some steak, wine, bacon and peas in your trolley and...wait. One of my chicks will approach you and ask how you cook the peas. She's the one because she put so much attention to detail in meeting you. Now don't ask me if I've experiment myself what I preach because....I shop at Countdown! :)

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