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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Dear Santa...

I am big on Christmas. Not big as fat. No way. I am a Personal Trainer, I wouldn't do that to myself. Just big as special. At Christmas, I want do do everything and be everything. This year though I forgot about Christmas. But not for long because the shops reminded me that I have less than a month to cover my blondness and dream about what I could be...this Christmas. So I 'd let the shops  organise their little party.  I am sure it would pay off. Me? Ahh, in such a rush to write a long, long letter to Santa. He loves me more than his own existence...or not. 

"Dear Santa

I haven't been as good as you may think I was. No, I haven't lied...I'm too blonde for that...and I still blush so I would have been discovered anyway. But I haven't been boringly good. You know me, Santa. Too fast, too precise and too analytical. I almost forgot: much too intense. I promised last year to be a better driver...and I am still useless...a real embarrassment for the driving race. I still cannot stand up for myself. I rather swallow my temper and let others win the battle. I still love pink and wear my princess headbands. My dresses are too short and I have to admit...shamelessly...that this is the way I like them. I am still not embarrassed wearing my heels. I am still not a jeans-jandals girl. I still say the naked truth and weird things that are just average and normal in my own world. And yes, Santa, I still live in my own world. You don't know how hard it was to build it and bring it to perfection. I still hide in my own world...just because I don't want to hurt people. I am still afraid of what gravity may do to my body someday. So please don't even go there! I still talk to my puppy Hendrix more than I talk to real people. I do it when nobody sees me because I don't want to seem weirder than I am. I still sing loud in the shower...only when I am home alone. 

So I haven't been as good as others. But you're not perfect either. First of all, you, Santa, are Christmas is by the way. I know that people associate Christmas with Christianity. Wrong. Christmas was a celebration way before the first christian declared christianity a way of life. You, Santa, and I know that Romans celebrated the week between 17 and 25th December as a time of peace and lawlessness. Good time to let revenge do justice because all the Roman courts were closed. I am not saying that you, Santa, are a fraud. I am not one either. We are who we are, but I have to say the truth about Christmas. And we both know that Christmas like marriage are pagan rituals. None of them have anything to do with Christianity or any other religion. If Christmas was so obvious in ancient Rome, marriage was recorded in ancient Greek times, when a father handover his daughter for..reproduction  duties. Aren't you and I smart, Santa? But no fraud!

So I was thinking very well, dear Santa, and decided that, even if I wasn't too good (again!), I still want a prezzy. I just want a jolly good Christmas (pagan or not!). I also want to dress up as an angel (that I'm not!) and live happily in my own blonde I always did. I know the rules, Santa. I made them! Wait. I also want to be able to make people around me happy. Just to bring smiles on people's faces actually. This would make my Christmas angelical. I am sure you can help me out, Santa. No shopping involved, no wrapped prezzies, no fakes...just good old me bringing my share of happiness to others. 

P.S. By the way, Santa...I still love you and promise for the million time that...I may be better next year...or not!" :)

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