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Friday, 11 October 2013

What the day brings

I always wondered what the next day might bring. Just imagine me contemplating at the end of each day. Nah, nothing like that.... just a question to myself regarding the day ahead. Sometimes I may even have a spark of intuition, but don't take it literally. It may be inner perception as well as just a guess based on interference of reasons, which is far from what Carl Jung called "an irrational function". Is intuition just a function opposed to thinking and feeling as per Jung or much more than that? To be honest, I couldn't care less about defining it, but I do care about the accuracy of the images that  sometimes my brain is  able to put together prior to facts hapening. Blonde brain though! Let me just explain how this works. 

End of the day, mostly good, except the odd things. The good news though is that I survived another day, learnt so much, smiled a lot and hoped more than normal. So evening as I've said, a time when Hendrix, my 8 months old puppy, snores like a man, in his bed next to mine. So, no worries anymore.... Hendrix is asleep! Just time for myself and my thoughts....blonde as we already agreed on! But wait. I forgot to explain why this silence. I took today Hendrix to the beach. Peak of his day by the way; mummy -Hendrix time! To be honest, I kind of taken him out....just because, by the way he pulled, he sort of walked he does! Anyway, we were the only ones on the beach, so we enjoyed it all....until I realized that we are in that season when dogs are not allowed on the beach during the day. Lucky nobody seen us! 

Then the other two dogs went for a walk...not with me though. Left behind just with me, Hendrix threw a tantrum. His speciality! A big tantrum with crying, yelling, barking, collapsing...everything Hendrix does best! He's an expert by the way. I am an expert in calming him...with treats. Anyway, the day is almost gone and I am thinking what I have expected of it and what I got. What I wanted was another story, too long and much too personal, so I am not sharing it..... not even with you. What I got? Exactly what I usually get. Nothing. A big fat nothing. So if you ever wonder what the day is going to bring, don't! Because I have the answer. Nothing! But if you ask yourself what has this got to do with intuition, I hold that answer too. Nothing! It may if you are an introvert or if you know how to read the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, apparently the only one able to identify and measure your ego function. In this case you may relate my dream about not getting anything to getting nothing. There is a small chance of putting them together. But again....don't...because I know that nothing means nothing. And who says that dreams have to come true? They usually don't!  So, let's somehow conclude. If I ever dream (and I've done it so many times!!!) that Hendrix is just a normal, well behaved puppy, with or without any intuition, this wouldn't happen in the real world! Not now, not tomorrow (not ever?), amen. This is all I can say. The rest, as I've said, it's just history!  A very personal one!

Intuition didn't even worked in regards to my blogs. I hoped that some people, maybe one, mostly two, would read my blogs. Never in my hopeless hopes thought to get to over 65,000 readers. Thanks, guys, you rock. You are the ones who prove that Jung's theory doesn't always work. Thanks New Zealand, USA (my most frequent readers), UK, Ireland (love you guys, love your emails!), Canada, Australia, South Korea, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Mexico, Denmark (I have great memories, all in your country), China, Portugal, India, Philippines, Ukraine, Belarus and Turkey (welcome aboard!), Bulgaria and Indonesia. Thank you all! Have a great weekend! :)

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