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Friday, 18 October 2013

Walk tall...if you can!

I love my own company. Always did. You know, that quiet, nice time, when nobody is home and I can do what ever I want. But mostly I love the fact that I don't have to please people...just me. I love, as I've said, to be left on my own at least a weekend a month. Sorry...what I meant is that I loved that, but not anymore. So here is the story. Two days home alone. I planed so hard for them, I had so many things I wanted to do. Like watching the ballet DVD Sylvia, which I never seen before. Then catching up with my housework, cooking myself the most amazing dinners, some great music and a good book. Just girlie time, nothing spectacular for you maybe, but heaven for me. Because I was home alone for two days, the peak of my whole month. That's what you think. The truth is that I forgot that I have three dogs, big boys, who completely ruined everything. They didn't even tried hard...everything came so naturally to them. 

First day looked like this. I cleaned the house, baked and cooked early in the morning. Nothing better than having a great time in a clean environment. My boys didn't agree though, so I ended up vacuuming and moping for six times. I had to admit that I was so happy when finally my dogs got to around midnight. Up to then, they continuously barked....of happiness...then of sadness....then of hunger....of boredom...or just fighting for my attention....which they got anyway. That's not all: they chased the cat, poor girlie, destroyed my plants, chewed some socks, humped each other, slept on the table (Hendrix of course!), all sorts really. My dogs have imagination! There is nothing they cannot do to upset me. But yes, I had a good night because my dogs decided to sleep deep and get a good rest. Now I know that they just prepared themselves for the next day. 

So second day on my own...with the boys. Vacuuming and moping for eight times! The barking went on and on. Same reasons...nothing really! They haven't humped each other anymore...they humped me. It's just because they love me! They still chased the cat and eat her food from early morning to late evening. And barked...I heard them from my clients heard them too...and the neighbors as well. But nobody complained. People really like me, I guess, because they put up with the noise made by my boys. But, to be honest, I couldn't handle it anymore. So, I decided to be more offensive...which it didn't help by the way. Therefore, I decided to get back to defense. I put some loud heavy metal on that covered the barking. And I ignored them...boy, I so ignored them. I thought that one of my neighbors would call the noise control or the animal whatever office or the police or somebody and they would just take away my boys. But nah. I believe that my neighbors enjoyed the whole stuff. Maybe they have better earplugs than me.

Anyway, it's evening and the boys will go to bed very soon. Thank goodness, God and whatever saints they are around. Tomorrow will come somehow and I will so enjoy the fact that all the freedom my dogs had for the last two days will just go away. Just like that. Because even they are afraid of somebody. Not me, nah. Otherwise they wouldn't play games with me. So, boys, a few more hours and you'll be in trouble....and I will so enjoy it! Have a great weekend, guys. I know I will! :)

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