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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Blondie the One

I collect smells. The nice ones, of course. Every memory I can recall is related to a different perfume. Let's be more specific here. I haven't ever invented a perfume, but I am working on it and, who knows, maybe someday I will have my own fragrance marketed. Something at least as revolutionary as Chanel No.5. That's not possible, I know, but the thought of changing history makes me so excited. I just want to have the courage Coco had when she said that enough is enough. What adventure really to add musk and jasmine, associated at that time with courtesans and prostitutes, to a single flower smell wore by "decent" ladies! She made the demimonde respectable. I want that! In the meantime, I have to smell the smells around me, get well used to them, mix them in my head and make small steps in identifying characters and personalities according to what fragrance they use. And it works like this. 

First smell in the morning? Burberry. All Brits should wear it. It is so them. So Burberry and coffee of course. Those two already make up another fragrance I could invent one day, but it seems so simple  and a blondie's conclusion would be that...... simple smells are not complicated. Seriously? I could do better than that. So I would just add the smell of burnt toast. That could toughen up the aroma of my first perfume. But wait; there is more to it. A bouquet of scents in my first morning class. Four ladies wearing different perfumes. One of them is distinctive. Opium. It may be the coriander and pepper that stands up. Yes, coriander, what's so funny about it? That and some floral spices of jasmine, rose and lily blended with mandarin, clove, orange and patchouli. I can break the aroma of a perfume and smell separately all the ingredients. I was always able to do that. So I could add some of the ingredients used in Opium to the perfume I would invent...if any. Now Burberry already has mandarin and musk. Then the fresh coffee smell. I would also take  coriander and clove and blend them in. What else? What about some tuberose, nutmeg and Madagascar vanilla from Calvin Klein's Obsession, the perfume my lunch time client wears? That would make it very woody and I kind of like that. I could soften it a little bit by adding some apricot and cashmere. I love the aroma of those two. One of my evening clients wears the fragrance. You know which one. The one very on vogue, Usher She. But no, I wouldn't add garlic just because I wouldn't wear my dinner menu, but I would mix some Cosmopolitan aroma. But no again, because alcohol is the main ingredient in every perfume so why to invent what was already invented? My father used to say that and he was perfectly right. 

Now that I have the ingredients, I would definitely have to name my perfume. What about Blondie the One? I don't even have to add my name to it, because everybody would know it's me behind the fragrance. No marketing? Who cares about it? If you, guys, would buy only one bottle each, I would already have sold over 65,000 bottles. And that's a lot of cash. Or I could give you each a free sample of Blondie the One. Nah, I do that anyway, every single day in my blogs. :)

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