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Sunday, 3 August 2014

Detox your thoughts!

I tried all the detoxes in the world. Curiosity is my name...or it should be anyway! Do you want to know my conclusion regarding detox diets? Some work, some don't...mostly don't to be perfectly honest. Just lately I realised that there is nothing wrong with my body. I don't need to neutralise any toxins in my body cos there are none. If there is something I need to detoxify that would be my thoughts Let me just tell you how I realised that. 

Weekends can be boring when is pouring rain. I know that the weather man on the telly said that there would be some sporadic showers this weekend, but he got it per usual! Raining cats and dogs has nothing to do with showers. Anyway, raining kept me inside...bored and tired of doing absolutely nothing. So I thought that downloading a new game would keep me occupied. I turned on my dear Apple and the first game that came up in the Apps store, you won't guess this. "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood". Seriously? Since when children (no, not like me!) would enjoy a game like that?  And what's that game about anyway? You tell me if you find it out because I feel no urge to download it!

YouTube may save me I though. Bing picked just for me the latest "miracle", a very useful video about "How to talk like a Kardashian". I know that you may have some doubts, but have a go and find out for yourselves if I'm right or not. I can assure you I am. Anyway, I had no desire to lean a new language, not even a kardashian one, so, I said what I had to say (you don't want to hear what!) and jumped to another thing that may have battle with my boredom. 

It's called Facebook of course. Now with Facebook there is a story to be told. I have many friends...hundreds of them and I follow their activity on my News Feed...where in between my friends' posts there are some random announcements made through and by some unknown pages. I never liked them, I don't know who created them and still don't understand who gave them permission to bother me! They have legit names and their posts are tempting. Some about Ellen and her face (nothing wrong with her face by the way!), others about JLo and her weight gain (nothing to be worried about: she is still a hot latino!) or just about a poor Aussie girl who had no money to spend on losing around 50kg (just to be clear here: the photo is super stretched). Maybe you have them on your News Feeds too...don' open them if you do! They would all take you to a miraculous pill that promises to help you lose 10kgs in 10 days. I would lose my job if that would be true! However, I opened the videos, one by one today, just because I was bored and then I said...what I had to say...again!  Still on Facebook, I check what's that deal about the wrinkle free face of a 52 years old woman. Wait a sec! Same face, different post, this time the woman is 62. And then another post of another scammer I guess, with the same photo of the same woman who is now 72. At least the person behind the page, cos I assume there is only one, kept the number "2" running. Decent, nice guy I guess. If you get them on your pages, accompanied by "you won't believe that", don't open. Same detox  pill that doesn't work. How do I know that? I tried it....I told you I tried them all!

The cherry on the top of my weekend was that call from IRD. Don't jump to conclusions just yet! The guy, who had nothing to do with the tax department, may have been  threatened me with court cases, but, even if I am a blondie,  I still can recognise a scammer! By the way, the real IRD was happy when I reported the phone call and the details the scammer gave me over the phone. 

So, now at the end of the weekend,  with a more colourful language, I realised that some people may have to detox their brains....cos they are quite sluggish. I may have a blonde brain, but I would never create a Kardashian game for children, a new  nasal affected language or believe that a pill can help one drop weight overnight. And I wouldn't definitely  believe what a guy with a strong Indian accent pretends to be. Blonde or not, my brain is perfectly fine. I don' have to detox it as well as I don't have to detox my body. But I really have to detox my thoughts about some people somehow. Help! Any meditation groups around? :)

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