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Monday, 10 February 2014

Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll

I was part of a nation that believed in aliens;  more like in the fact that one day slash someday the Americans are going to land and save us all. I don't remember very well who or what was our biggest enemy nor what the expected saviours had to save us from, but I still recall that everybody believed in something else than in themselves. I am no different and please don't roll your eyes. You are like me. Would it not be nice to blame someone else for our tragedies and wait for them to sort out our lives? Would that mean that we lack confidence, self confidence, overconfidence or presumptuousness? Or maybe being arrogant enough and not standing up when life gets hard while wait...and wait...and wait for somebody to get involved? It is too complicated for me whatever it is. Who holds the truth by the way? It definitely should be the guys who put together the news on every media channel. They kind of know everything; otherwise why would they be so opinionated? If you'd listen to them, you would believe that sex, drugs and rock'n'roll are still the answers to everything bad that happens in the world. Hello! Flower power age way gone!

Anyway, like a modern girl I pretend to be, I read some goss and watch others. They are all the same; the only thing that changes is the names of the people who make the headlines. A famous somebody overdosed and somebody else holds the blame; a distinguished character with athletic figure was caught drunk (not his fault, no, how could it be?); a prominent person said by mistake a word that cannot be pronounced publicly; a celebrity's ex released a sex tape and it is the guy's fault not the starlet's one. Of course. It's like somebody forced her  to get pleasured.  On top of warming. What's new, guys? Let me tell you something that may sound new to some. It is always our fault and it also is our choice how we live our lives. It's just the fact that we, average, ordinary and insignificant people, don't make the news...thank God! However, not only well known characters got drunk last weekend or one before. I am sure that many others did and if your names were not mentioned it is because you are not acclaimed enough for the local, national or international news. Which is amazing by the way. Not just famous people say naughty words. Just wait until you lose your IPhone and then you would hear yourself speaking in languages....very colourful ones! I'd do the same as innocent as I may look! We all have our weaknesses even if we keep them hidden. It's not everything about sex, drugs and rock'n'roll (long live rock by the way!). 

We live our lives in a continuous desire of hiding who we are. We want to be liked, loved, appreciated and respected and we are afraid of showing the real us. Therefore we learnt to believe that we are never responsible for anything around us. But we are. Who cares if somebody had an extra glass if that person saves others from starvation and makes a difference to this world? There are so many problems we can be involved in and sort; there are so many people who need us. Once we would stand up to be counted, nobody would ever care about our weak sides. Mine? I am a bad driver with a bad car! And by the way, I would be so happy if this would be my only problem, but on top of that I am too stubborn with absolutely no self esteem. I feel better now that I said it....but I am who I am and, as weak or bad as I am , I care about others and I strongly believe that I am here to help others. What about you guys? :)

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