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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Love....just love!

I avoid using words ending in "ist". I never liked them too much. To be perfectly fair, some are fine, but I totally cut off the ones that are not. Like "misogynist" or "racist" or "anarchist" or "anaesthetist"  or even "blacklist". All remind me of a silent violence, intolerance and bad taste. Hello people! It's 21st century and nothing is written in capitals anymore. I wish people would use stubbornness to create a better world rather than destroying whatever is left of it. Many would not want to hear that... but I have to  bring up the word "love". At the end of the day it is the answer to everything. Call it interpersonal affection, altruism or just close friendship, love is still love and it has not much to do with agape or eros or narcissism. 

During the years I witnessed many relationships starting and probably more ending....and I am not talking about me here. Couples around me got together or felt apart, depending on the stage of their lives, desires or just destiny. I witnessed, as I've said, love in its purest ever form and ...indifference. I have a strong intuition. That's something I was born with. I smell love from very far away. Now, please don't take that literally. My nose is smaller than Pinoccho's , I promise. Anyway, back on the subject. Love again. I've seen couples, I trained many, I got friendly with heaps, I've been there for lots and several have been there for me. I thought I've seen it all actually. I was wrong. I met recently the most perfect couple nature or Gods have ever created. And when I say perfect, I mean just that! I don't know if they are perfect individuals though, but no doubt that as a couple they seem exceptional. This time I have really sensed and seen with my own eyes love in action. I even envied them for a second. Then I realised that love may require sacrifice, devotion, understanding, respect and so much more than that and they, the love birds, have gone through so much...together. I still envied them a little bit...especially when I realised that what I've seen between them was even deeper than the biblical Proverbs or the beginning of the soulmate theory explained by the Coran. Divine or so called creationist writings fell to explained why a couple can make it so far and definitely why they can breath pure love....but it can because, as I've said, I've seen it with my own wyes. No doubt here! 

I have no clue how can two individuals get to that sort of unity of souls...and I'm sorry. But I guess that there should be a long path couples may have to travel to together! From one dimension of a single soul to a supernatural one of a whole entity. I also suppose that the path is quite long and adventurous. I am still not sure because I never been there. Envy again? Just a little bit. Anyway, envious or not, one thing I know for sure: that I have seen love in the most amazing pure form and that made me a proud human....and hopeful too. Thank you for showing me that, Karen and Russell. This is for you, guys! :)

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