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Saturday, 26 March 2011

Fundraising bootcamp for Christchurch

I am sure we are all affected by the Christchurch tragedy. We are a small country and therefore we should help each other out. Fit and Toned Personal Trainers organized on Saturday, 19th March, at 9:00am, in Stanmore Bay, an one hour bootcamp at a cost of $5 per person with all the funds raised donated to the Christchurch earthquake funds. 

We knew that this hour of your time when you exercised guided by professional Personal Trainers could help lots of the people that need us at the moment. We were right because the bootcamp was fun and we raised some serious money.

We would like to thanks to all who attended the fundraising event and donated generously to Christchurch. During this event, we raised $835. The funds raised have been deposited on Monday, 21st March, in the Christchurch Appeal Funds/ Red Cross account.

The fundraising bootcamp is only one of the charity events our trainers plan to organize this year. We would love to hear from you in regards to further charity actions.  Feel free to comment or just email us. 

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